World Cup Fever!

Wow. Everyone’s going crazy over the World Cup. I just walked into Tressider Union which is where the main eatery is. They have 2 large screens that usually just broadcast the news, but today, it was all World Cup Action. I swear it was packed more than I have ever seen in in there today. Nice. I think I’ll have to TIVO a game. Apparently the Brasilians are good.

2 thoughts on “World Cup Fever!”

  1. Did ya hear the Norweigan fans (several thousand) watched the game in their underwear. They wore the team pants that had a beer logo on it that wasn’t allowed in the stadium so they just took their pants off. Heard it on NPR yesterday!

  2. It’s crazy here in Singapore. The big games are held at 3 am Singapore time, so people are headed to work all zonkered out from staying up all night!

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