When I first started dating Jeremy, we used to go on hikes around Los Angeles and he
would pack a crusty loaf of bread, a tomato, an avocado, cheese, a
roasted chicken and a knife and cutting board. Then we would head out
in his old Toyota to a beautiful spot and walk in the woods for a few
hours and he would pull out this feast and start preparing a
delicious lunch for me. It was very sweet.So today when I told him that he needed to pack snacks and lunches for the three of us, he sprung into action and this is what he produced:
The tower of Tupperware! It was all very good and much appreciatedsince we were running around all day.
Edda’s whole school went swimming and Vince and I tagged along.
It’s so much work to bring 40 kids to the swimming pool. I gotta
hand it to the teachers at Edda’s school, they know how to pull it
off. Vince overloaded today. He does love doing things, but when
it’s too many days in a row of new experiences, he just kind of
crumbles emotionally.

One thought on “Tupperware!”

  1. Could Jeremy come fix Joshua and Scotts lunch? From the picture they much prefer his over mine. Love, Sheila

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