Charlotte is in town!

So Charlotte is in town, Jeremy’s taking a few days off and we are seeing the town. Charlotte is the person who married us, it’s nice to see her and think about the promises we made to each other on our wedding day – the most important was that we would eat dinner together every night. I’m happy to say we’ve missed very few dinners together since then.

We saw her last night at her hotel and this morning at the zoo and Edda sure did put on a show about how difficult she can be. Lots of crying, mainly because of the heat and the fact that she didn’t eat at the right time. But lots of crying in public always puts me on edge… Blah.

Can you stand another picture of us at the zoo? I didn’t get a picture of Charlotte. Grumble. Only me and some birds.


Hmmm, I’m not really the best dresser am I? The pants are a bit large and what’s the deal with my belly button? And the wonderful laynard with house key and magnetic card. Spiffy. Oh well, at least I look happy, that’s nice.

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