2:40:17 AM james_s_robertson: why you up so late?
2:40:38 AM blehargh: oh you’re opening the floodgates here
2:40:42 AM blehargh: i’m warning you
2:40:51 AM james_s_robertson: hmmmm
2:41:05 AM blehargh: you can still take it back. heh
2:41:24 AM james_s_robertson: nah, i won’t take it back
2:41:29 AM blehargh: heh. okay
2:41:47 AM blehargh: well the short of it is that Lynn and Jack had sorta of a wedding reception tonight
2:41:56 AM blehargh: and it was a really nice affair
2:42:11 AM blehargh: but somehow I ended up sitting next to Jocelyn and her BF.
2:42:18 AM blehargh: and you know that’s fine
2:42:36 AM blehargh: I’m cool with, you know, being in the same room as her and all.
2:42:56 AM blehargh: i just really really really think it’s rude when she decides to try to engage me in conversation
2:43:08 AM blehargh: when 1) I’ve made it clear that I don’t want to talk to her
2:43:27 AM blehargh: and 2) I have never initiated any conversation with her in the past year
2:43:41 AM blehargh: you’d think someone would get the hint, that I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU
2:44:18 AM james_s_robertson: i see isee
2:44:19 AM blehargh: i just wish she respected me enough to accept that
2:44:30 AM blehargh: so I take it pretty personally there
2:44:45 AM james_s_robertson: so you think it was malicious or just negligant?
2:45:01 AM blehargh: niether in a way
2:45:38 AM blehargh: i think she’s just trying to make herself more comfortable in an uncomforatble situation
2:45:51 AM james_s_robertson: hmmm, ok
2:46:37 AM blehargh: or i think, in a way, she feels like she’s done me wrong, or the situation shouldn’t be as it is, but i don’t think she understands that it’s not about how she feels anymore
2:47:19 AM blehargh: so she feels uncomfortable and wants to move away from that
2:47:30 AM blehargh: and use being on good terms is the only way to do that
2:47:53 AM blehargh: but she just charges ahead without taking my point of view into consideration
2:48:33 AM blehargh: anyways. there I’m done.
2:48:33 AM blehargh: thansk
2:48:43 AM james_s_robertson: np….
2:48:56 AM james_s_robertson: do you think you’ll ever get her to understand your point of view?
2:49:06 AM james_s_robertson: (i guess that’s hard if you don’t want to talk to her)
2:49:14 AM blehargh: what’s the point?
2:50:06 AM james_s_robertson: yeah, ok
2:50:39 AM james_s_robertson: man, is that all you’ve got? i thought there were more rivers of outpouring here 🙂
2:50:46 AM blehargh: heh
2:50:58 AM blehargh: her new BF seems nice
2:50:59 AM blehargh: ha
2:51:08 AM blehargh: how’s that?

3 thoughts on “I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU.”

  1. Daddy always ask me why I married hime? There are so many boys in the two ME classes. Of course, he wants me to say “He is the best”.

    There are many nice boys or girls on earth. Two people get married becouse “Right people asked at right time and right place”.

    Good Luck and love you.

  2. General courtesy should be the norm. Be polite always. Don’t deliberately hurt someone’s feelings. That should apply to everyone, likes or dislikes. It does not gain anything by showing off one is above someone else 🙂

    I have learned a lot of those lessons and paid for it dearly.

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