Dad is great!

Dad doing the dishes:


Dad has also been rocking Edda to sleep at night. She usually gets up 2/3 times a night and either Jeremy or I get up. Last night, she slept though the night or so I thought. Dad had actually gotten up at midnight when Edda stirred and rocked her back to sleep.. Amazing. So sweet.

Vince this morning was on a nail polish kick. His friend Samantha has blue fingernails and he wanted to replicate it. We used dry erase marker which was driving me crazy because it kept coming off and Vince wanted me to reapply it. I had to pull out the old gender card and tell him that boys don’t wear nail polish, and he wiped his nails clean and went to school. Now I have to say, I don’t really care if he wants to paint his nails bright red, it’s just that I know something is brewing on at his school about boys vs girls and I’m not sure what his teachers think about nail polish on boys..


Edda had a therapy session today and these ladies were interning for the summer with our physical therapist. This is their last week! They took a shine to Edda. It’ll be another 2 years before they get their therapist degrees… (OK, not the best picture of Edda..)


4 thoughts on “Dad is great!”

  1. I came in on Monday morning passed midnight and then went to school with Vince and Edda everyday. What a life time experience, that special school is full of those retarded kids with beating up & anxious parents around.

    Edda needs a lot of work. At some instances, she could response to
    your calls right away and smiled at you. But, right after that, she just wandered around aimlessness. The responses were just random, instantaneously, not continuous and sustainable.

    But, as an optimistic and practical person myself, her conditions could be far more worse off. Cross our fingers that she will stay with what she is capable of and improving gradually, not deteriorating anymore.

    Well, Heaven sent this kid to our family must have a purpose, I wonder. And I greet Edda wholeheartly but, sometimes, just can’t stop trying to figure out what really is in her mind.

    I also think, Vince is growing up relatively faster than other kids because of Edda. One can sense his feeling about Edda, though he can’t comprehend fully himself at his young age.

  2. Daddy has lots of pation? to play with kids. When you were young, he slept with you both and fed you and changed dippers too in the midnight. Since i can not go back to sleep, then no energy to office in the morning, so he took the job. When doris was baby and could not go to sleep easily, most time,we drive aroung in the car until doris was sleeping then put her on bed.

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