6 thoughts on “Ten years!”

  1. WOW, you must be young….Labor day will be the anniversary of my dh’s and my meeting…17 yrs ago!

    Doris, I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking a LOT about you this week.

    The yarn came for your next package…and the color was ALL WRONG! So, I ordered something different! 😉

    Would you please ask Jeremy to e-mail me? I have a question and I obviously can’t ask you!

    Have a wonderful weekend…yours has already started. We will be HOT here in Chicago for the next week.


  2. Hi SP8,

    Aw, you didn’t have to re-order yarn for me. Sheez. You are so sweet to think of me (both yarn-wise and otherwise). I will ask Jeremy to email you…


  3. Umm, I think you read it wrong. The first date we ever went on was ten years ago! We’ve been together ten years now. A whole decade…

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