I have cooked week day dinner for three consecutive weeks. During the weekends, Mom cooks. She washes dishes during week days and I wash dishes during week ends.

Besides, cutting my finger on the first day and burning my finger on the second, so far so good. Well, right now, I still don’t have the overall pictures on cooking. Like, time, amounts, flavors, intensity of the heat, what kind of sequencing that it requires?, etc. But, I believe I will familiar myself on that, hopefully, pretty soon. After that, I think then I can follow recipes more closely. The only recipe I am using right now is “better ingredients, better food [pizza]” by Papa Johns. It works. It can gloss over a lot of my in-experience on cooking. And Mom is gracious enough to finish her portions of my cooking and has never complained.

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  1. Your wife cooked a lunch for my husband and I once and it was incredible. It’s been hard for me to eat in a Chinese restaurant ever since. She’s a tough act to follow but I sure do admire you for trying. Here is a recipe that is easy and everyone loves.
    -1 lb shrimp deveined, peeled.
    -SPIKE seasoning about a TBLSP. (in spice section of grocery store)
    -1 tsp. parsley
    -juice of 2-3 lemons ( amount is your preference)
    -1 tsp Thyme
    -1/2 stick of melted buter
    -4-5 cloves of garlic, crushed
    Spread the shrimp out onto a flat cookie sheet. Brush with butter to taste. Pour on juice of lemons, sprinkle with SPIKE, Thyme, parsley and then garlic. Broil 10 minutes. DO NOT OVERCOOK. Serve over rice. Great with baked eggplant and a dry chardonnay.

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