Hello, my friend, hello.

There are always so many things to do and not much motivation to do them.

This has been a week punctuated with friends and family and bits of lost sleep. Donald’s friend Choon is in town and I’m living vicariously through them to experience the night life of Singapore.

We are all daytime creatures, unknowing of dinners out and what happens in the dark in Singapore. The kids are in bed by 8, so we hang out at home. This week, Donald’s been out at night, so when he comes home the next day, I ask what it was like and I remember what it was like for me to go out at night.


3 thoughts on “Hello, my friend, hello.”

  1. Do you REALLY miss going out?

    I am a real homebody though….I don’t miss the bar or club scene at all. I DO sometimes miss the great business dinners and business outings we used to do when there weren’t any children. I am lucky to have some GREAT babysitters, so I still get to have dinner out without kids.

    I have everything for you last package. I hope to get it out in the mail tomorrow or Monday at the latest.


  2. Oh, I’m not into the bar scene at all either. We go out to eat basically, hang out, and apparently, we have to go thru the redlight district somehow to find good food…

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