Thank you SP!

A wonderful package arrived today from my SP, hooray! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Inside there were so many things, a beautiful necklace, squirty toys for the kids, wind-up toys (Ruby loved the jumping frog), a smooshed up hand towel.. All these things brought a smile to my face, but I present to you the knitting content:


This is the shawl I’ve been invited to knit with my SP, she provided the pattern and the yarn and also the motivation! It’s a beautiful thing, so wonderful and I am so overwhelmed by it. I’ll have to go rummaging for some needles and then I’ll take a deep breath and start.

I have been a bit down recently. Looking into the uncertain future and feeling melancholy – nothing too serious. Here’s Edda and Ranjit – her speech therapist who comes to our house, she’s one of the most upbeat, encouraging and cheerful person. Actually, most of the people I’ve met who work with special needs kids are irrationally optimistic.


It’s been raining and Vince loves the puddles, it makes walking to the mall a bit wetter and slower.


3 thoughts on “Thank you SP!”

  1. Oh, lace knitting is so fun! I know you’ll love it! Just remember that (at least at first), it’s not good “travel knitting.” 😉

    I know what you mean about people who work with special needs kids being irrationally optimistic. But you know, my aunt is a special ed teacher, and I think she finds the totally different perspective on life that her students have helps her free up her own thinking and look at the world in a brighter light.

  2. I always sit on pins and needles hoping everything gets to you! SO glad you like it. Just know, the Linen almost didn’t get in that package….I loved it SO much!

    I have a good friend named Myra. She works with special kids and her daughter (one of my babysitters) is now going to college to teach special ed. They are both the BEST people to be around.

    I found something fun at Stitches and hope to get that sent out either Friday or Saturday to get to you by the end of the month for the big reveal!

    I have a sweater that I am knitting for my 6 yr old, I must finish that before I cast on the shawl.


  3. Okay not being up on the knitting lingo what is an SP? Stitching partner?

    And that arm brace looks familiar – we have one just like it! I completely agree with your take on people that work with our kids – it really takes someone special to do it and do it well. We’ve developed some very strong relationships with a few of Brooke’s therapists – they’re like family.

    And since I was catching up I’ve got to comment on your post from a few days ago – that photograph of the path just took by breath away – absolutely beautiful!


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