Power weekend continues..

We had dim sum at the Crystal Jade with Choon and his high school friend and his family. All very sweet folks and Vince was very smitten with their one-year old daughter. She was very interested in Edda’s stash of Cheerios and Vince was very happy to feed her one Cheerio after another.


We brought our headphones with us and Edda spent the whole 90 minutes at dim sum happily eating her oranges and listening to Abba. Dancing Queen rules! I was really impressed.

We ran back home to meet Gowri, our sitter, at 12:30 pm and then the big kids took off to the MacRitchie Resevoir Treetop Walk. We walked about 5 km in the rainforest, the highlight being this suspension bridge through the canopy of the rainforest. It was very hot but we did manage OK. We did sweat a lot – Jeremy took off his shirt because he needed to use it to wipe off his sweat – but it meant exposing his pale-white office worker skin to the blazing sun. We did have sunscreen, so his tender skin was well protected.


3 thoughts on “Power weekend continues..”

  1. I wish Brooke loved ABBA!! I’m going to have start to widen her musical horizons. I’m so glad the headphone thing worked out – I probably would have chickened out taking Brooke on an outing like that!

  2. K, now I’ll have to try the headphones…They’d be great for going to the grocery store! I dread it because Caitlyn loves to make high pitch squeels of joy (mostly.)

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