About Last Night…

It was a party night.

Brian, a mechanic that worked at the shop, had his last day yesterday, so a bunch of us from the shop did a rare thing and actually hung out together outside of the shop. We went to a Japanese restaurant to eat. It’s funny cause some of the younger folks were freaked out by sushi and couldn’t use chopsticks. I had fun freaking them out a bit. 🙂 Otherwise it was really nice hanging out with them. It’s really a shame that we don’t hang out more often in non biking settings.

Afterwards, went to Lynn’s, where I gave her the ceramic knife. We’ll see if she likes it. I think she just got her knives sharpened, so maybe it’ll just be a fancy plya knife now. oh well. We were celebrating the pending brith of P’ng and Judy’s baby in October and we played a lot of silly baby games like – who’s the fastest drinking from a baby bottle and having to do a blind taste test of chocolate bars melted into a diaper. Oh boy. Life is gonna change when your friends have kids. Ha

2 thoughts on “About Last Night…”

  1. YES, Life changes a lot after have a baby. But, be a parent is priceless that any money can not buy.

    Donald, Lee Pei told me that your standards are very high. There is another place to meet ladies–at Stanford library. Is it a good idea?

    I do not know people go to library often as old time? It is a computer age.

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