Mom Is Crazy About Music

Before Mom has her ipod, she was already crazy about music. With ipod, she has been spending a lot of time with music – Chineses, Oldies in 60s/70s, Opera, Presley’s, etc. In short, she is submerged herself with anything music. And evidently, she is enjoying. That is good – our apartment and car is full of sounds of music all the time. And according to her, with ipod earphones on all the time, she does not have to listen my nagging 🙂

Well, after 40 years of knowing her, here comes the “music” girl. But, I am still enjoying doing nothing and sleeping 🙂 – Mom says that I am pretty lazy with zzz …

4 thoughts on “Mom Is Crazy About Music”

  1. So, I am ready for retirement. Music is good and can spend lots of time on it. I am glad that I love music at this stage, or otherwise, I do not think I would have my Ph.D degree in mechanics of turbulence.

  2. hrm. if you’re looking for music for cheap, you can go to the local library and check out the music and rip it in iTunes. Of course this is theoretically illegal…

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