Don’t You Hate It When People Bounce Off of You?


We played broomball tonight at about 10pm. This was something that my friend, Anna invited me to, and then she backed out this week cause she’s been super sick. I didn’t feel like ditching since it seemed like nobody was committing to it, so I went anyways.

Actually I did know some people there. As it turns out Lee, the organizer and his gf Amy were there and I had met them before at one of Anna’s gatherings.

Anyways so we start playing and we’re doing pretty well, and of course I’m in super competitive mode and I’m going after the ball on the ice. So I manage to free the ball from a whole bunch of defenders and end up charging up the rink chasing after the ball. While I’m doing this, Amy is rushing over to try to take the ball before I can get there, and of course, none of us can stop on the ice and her right cheek ends up in my left shoulder. Now, I’m 175, and she’s a thin short asian woman, who can’t have been more than 105. So of course she ends up bouncing off of me.

She’s okay which was a good thing, but she ended up with a cut lip. I felt really bad about it. So I sat out the rest of the game. Some dude came up to scold me about “It’s not a competition, and you’re going way too fast”. I suppose it’s true, but his tone pissed me off. But yeah, the good thing is that she’s okay. I think Amy’s going to try to recruit me to do AACO events. I suppose I can’t refuse now…

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