Just another Friday.

We are patiently awaiting Mom’s arrival.

In the meantime, I’m trying to practice some piano. Today I actually practiced at my music school.


Vince went on a field trip to a fish farm. He aquired 2 new members of the family – Crash and Boom.


We got invited to Mr. Sherwin’s (an OT at Edda’s school) birthday party. A lot of the staff from Edda’s school were there. It was such a nice BBQ.


We stayed for 3 hours, which was longer than I thought we would stay. I was waiting for Jeremy to come to the party from work, but he had to work a bit later than usual. The kids were almost all worn out by the time he arrived. Here’s Edda and Ms. Lisa – Edda is about ready to fall asleep.


One thought on “Just another Friday.”

  1. Okay you are raising two kids, living across the ocean, dealing with the parking nightmares of a lifetime and oh yeah learning to play to piano. You are so amazing. I’m doing good to put the same shoes on every morning.

    Tell Doanld that contacts are not bad. I did it for YEARS! Then I had Lazic (sp?) surgery which totally freaked me out but is so great now. So great!! The downside is I can never go back to wearing contacts ever again and sometimes I need reading glasses if the lighting is not good. But I couldn’t wear my contacts anymore anyway. My eyes just wouldn’t accept them. even the most water soluble newest kinds. I’d do the surgery again in a nano second. I’ve worn glasses since the 3rd grade and now I do not. Very cool to swim and be able to see my child ratherb than hunting for my glasses first.

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