Don’t You Hate it When…

…you spill your Starbucks vanilla latte all over your bike?


This morning, I decide I need a little pick me up and I dropped by Starbucks on my way into work. I was riding my bike, and of course, I never drink coffee, but sometimes I do get a craving for it. Anyways, I drop by the Starbucks on California St. It’s a big Starbucks, which is good since I’m there with my bike. Everyone’s giving me funny looks cause I’m in my whole get up. I order my drink and pop it into the vertical water bottle holder and take off down the street. The thing I forgot was that there’s this little hole in the lid, where you sip out of, and all of a sudden there’s latte everywhere. On my frame, on my cranks, on my wheel. I think I lost half of my latte within 20 feet. Of course, it turns all sticky and nasty after I bike the remaining 1 mile into work.

The stupid thing is that I’ve done this a bazillion times with sodas from McDonald’s and it’s never spilled a drop. Sigh. Next time I’ll have to duct tape the opening before biking away.

However, the coffee cake I got was excellent and intact.

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