Holy cow. ummm, I mean fish.


Do you see what Mom is holding? It’s a fish head. Mom is so excited about all the cooking ingredients available in Singapore. No need to head downtown for parmesean cheese or ravioli or corn tortillas or salsa or frozen pizza or peas. No need when you can just go buy yourself a fish head at the local market.

She makes a terrific fish head soup!


3 thoughts on “Holy cow. ummm, I mean fish.”

  1. 1. What is a “wet market?”
    2. How do you make fish head soup? I want the recipe. Your mom’s cooking so ROCKS!
    3. Don’t let Vince anywhere near the fish head with the electric shaver. Or, don’t let the shaver anywhere near Jeremy’s face if Vince gets near the fish head with the shaver.

  2. A wet market is kind of like a Chinese farmer’s market. They are a gathering of vegetable/meat/fish (we also saw frog and turtle) vendors in one place. They open pretty early in the morning. They are called wet markets because the ground is always wet from everyone pouring water to clean out their stalls.

    My mom will have to fill you in on the fish head soup recipe.

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