Downtime Tuesday.

I had absolutely nothing planned today which ended up being perfect. Vince and Edda had a lot of videotherapy and I cleaned the study, washed some slipcovers of the couch, finished the Genesis newsletter, did a few hobby-like things and lazed around at home. It felt wonderful.

Our housekeeper comes on Tuesdays. I haven’t seen her for a while because usually I’m out dropping the kids off at school, but since there was no school today, I had a chance to chat with her. Rukia really helped me through the first half of the year when we were first grappling with Edda’s developmetal delay. Edda really likes her and Rukia has such a calmness about her and has an interesting perspective. She told me that as a Muslim, she believes that everything in our lives has been fated, already written out and planned for us. I don’t really agree exactly with that philosophy, but it was just the way Rukia said it to me that made me feel better – just that everything is going to be OK. And it’s true, I am going to make it through 2006 and we’re going to be OK!


Jeremy was always relieved when Rukia came over because both the house would be cleaner and I would not be in as much emotional dispair.

Today, Rukia brought over her youngest daughter, it’s cute because even though H. speaks mainly Malay, Vince speaks English and Edda speaks Edda – they all play together pretty well – all of them speaking their own language, each one incomprehensible to the other two.


Oh, and look at this hilarious picture of Vince.



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