Setups Galore

Well, it seems like everyone is in a mood to setup me up these days – Mom, my friend Anna, Ray, Mike. Some people just mostly encourging me to go after people, like Doris and Katherine encourging me to write back to someone… (which I have incidentally, tho it was more businessy really.)

I guess I’ll come out of the closet and say that I’ve been on match for awhile, tho I haven’t really been taking it too seriously at all, I haven’t met any one yet, but trying to be more wholehearted about it. (Ted, this is for you if you are reading this) So I’m trying to setup some lunches this week also…

Today I had a blind date with this girl that Anna set me up with – Olivia. Funny thing is that Anna and I were setup back in Feb by some mutual friends, and I suppose it says something if Anna is willing to set me up. I’ll have to thank her tomorrow.

Anyhow the date with Olivia was only okay for me. I have my reasons that probably don’t belong on a blog… The cool thing tho was that she mountain bikes, and we went on a biking first date which was kinda neat. Just up Arastradero Park, behind Stanford, where there’s a great view of the valley. Anyhow, I suppose that’s the way blind dates go. We’re having a group dinner on Friday, but honestly, I don’t think it’s there for me.

I’ll compound this with another interesting development, that I can’t quite blog about either, but if you want to email me about it, I can tell you the gory details.

P’ng and Judy are having a sorta baby shower/potluck/sleepover party on Saturday. Jocelyn will be there. It’ll be interesting to note if she listens to my request to leave me alone. I’m curious to know if she has the required control to do so. We’ll see.

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