My Gums Hurt…

Man I don’t know what’s going on with my gums lately. They are really tender and I’m starting to get come cold sores on my tongue. I bet it’s cause I’ve been stressed the past like 3 weeks! ha.

The list reads like this:

– 3 dates
– 3 relationship issues with friends and their SO
– pressure at work
– ted blowing up at anh
– dealing with anh and her debt and her guy problems.

I haven’t been sleeping well, or eating a lot. I’ve lost all the weight I’ve gained from my Singapore trip and i’m back down to about 171…

One of my friends joked to me that that what parenthood was like – losing sleep, being stressed, and eating poorly. Man you parents are a tough bunch!

3 thoughts on “My Gums Hurt…”

  1. Donald,

    I can give you some suggestion to dealing with gums. Keep mouth clean all the time. Using warn salt water to gurgle many times a day. Keep two cups at desk one for salt water and other for the spill (better use cup, so no one sees the spill. Using Listere twice a day. Water pick is very good thing to clean the gums with salt water. CVS has it.

    Make sure have enough time sleep. That is very important. Do not eat any solid food three hrs before go to bed. Drink a cup of warm milk before go to bed. Eat bitter melon. It is very good for sleep.

    See dentist have a clean up.

    Make deep breaths when you feel stressed. Just take it easy. Do few step dances.

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