Bumming around.

I’ve been staying home this week, no playdates, no big ambitious outings, I’m a bit bored. Of course, now that I have my computer back, I spend entirely too much time online and it messes with my moods.

Vince was clearly being worn out from all the extra activites and the first thing he did was to stop eating because he’s so excited about having friends around. Then he gets a bit weepy and tantum-y. So this is a quiet week. He’s eating more and happy watching a bit more TV.

4 thoughts on “Bumming around.”

  1. Hi Doris- It’s been a busy week and I’m just catching up on blogging now. I love all your pictures- looks like you deserve a day or two to be “bored.” I can’t imagine not having my computer for so long! Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I had no computer acces for the past week so that is my only excuse for you late BD greeting. I hope it was a fun day!

    Tell your bro to call that girl and ask her outagain and do something physical like a bike ride since that is what she is likes.

  3. Well, apparently the date went better than I thought as she’s willing to go out again. Either that or she was being super polite. laff.

    I’ll keep y’all in the loop. She’s travelling a bunch tho in next couple of weeks.

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