can turn grey skies blue!

Finally the rains have come – the haze has been washed away, and I awoke to clear blue skies! Hooray!


Edda enjoyed the morning sunshine through her window as she tried to wack Vincent awake with her armbrace. Get out of the way of that brace, it’s a loaded weapon!


Today, Vince started gymnastics at Sporty Joe’s. He loved every moment of it, the uneven bars, the vault (it’s hilarious watching 2 year-olds try to vault), the trampoline, etc.


Vince is now signed up for 3 classes: swimming, music and gymnastics and he loves them all. Before each class, he revvs himself up with so much excitement, you can almost see sparks fly from his head. It is with some feeling of defeat when I realize that this is the solution I have come up with for entertaining my children. I had a vision when I moved to Singapore that the kids would spend the mornings in school and in the afternoons, we would find friends and go to the park, zoo or pool with them and I wouldn’t sign up for any scheduled activity. The weather is great, you can always be outside and there are plenty of things to do. But first, we had trouble meeting friends – everyone else was signed up for stuff or waaayyy to busy to hang out, or maybe I’m just lame and can’t get past the hi in the hallway phase. And now, with all of Edda’s therapy appointments, we barely have any free time to just hang. And I started to feel bad that Vince just got schlepped to all these appointments and he had to make do with the toys in the waiting room.

He was so excited that the gymnastics class was for him and not Edda. He calls it his own physical therapy class and he said that he would teach Edda everything. Edda had her own turn sitting in the waiting area – when she realized the class wasn’t for her, she was pissed. Cried and thrashed around. It took at good 15 minutes to calm her down.


On a side technical note:

I’ve been pushing the boundaries of my camera recently. I like taking close-up photos of moving people in low indoor lighting and no flash and as a result, all my pictures are blurry. Jeremy’s been looking at cameras again, but I don’t think I’m replacing mine, even though I’ve had it a year and it is no longer sold, I think of it as being new. Argh, I wish I was a better photographer.

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  1. ah yes, braces are loaded weapons! We’ve gotten swung at and hit a few times around here too! the metal stablizers don’t feel to good! At least she’ll wear them without a fight!

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