Feeling Groovy…

Well, okay. at least better if not groovy.

Thursday nights are always a lot of fun for me. It’s rock climbing night! While I’m not the greatest rock climber in the galaxy, I enjoy the physical and mental challenge of it. The usual crowd that goes is Arif, me, Mike and Ray. Mike is a funny guy and we like to trash talk each other – so that’s a lot of fun.

Lately we’ve been trying bouldering which is a lot of fun. All these people sit around and you all try the same route and cheer everyone on. It’s great to listen to advice about how to do routes from people who are better than you, which is practically everyone at this point. Also it helps if there is a cute asian girl in the crowd also. 🙂

I like trying to see how the person who lays out the route, thought about what moves to make – kinda like how I like to think about the UI for electronic or interfaces for software – how the designer intended that device/software to be used, how that wall was supposed to be climbed.

We got caught on this one wall tonight. Couldn’t get up after 5 tries. There were like 6 people around us, all trying the wall out. I got to about six inches off the top. Oh well.

Usually my forearms are toasted after climbing, but tonight, they are not too bad. I managed to bike home also. Now that’s getting tiresome. Thank god I’m working from home tomorrow.

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