Your mood is contagious.

I’ve been bummed for a few days as well. Grrr… Watch out. I actually told the kids to tread carefully around me today because my fuse was short. But everything that happened in the house today led to some sort of argument. I know I argue more when I’m down, but it just seemed like Edda was spilling more milk and Vince was covering more wall surfaces with marker than usual. Bleh! Argh!

Jeremy shooed me out of the house after dinner to get away from the kids and watch a movie. So I watched the first 45 minutes of You, Me and Dupree and then I just had to leave because the movie was just too terrible to sit through. Owen Wilson, you used to be funny! What happened? I spent another 30 minutes looking at make up and thinking about using some mascara. Waterproof or washable? Hmmmm…

The crap fair has set up shop in front of our MRT station.


3 thoughts on “Your mood is contagious.”

  1. I do like smiling faces. Once, I looked at mirror to see my anger face, I decided to have a smile at my face. Although I can make others to have a smile on their face, I can do it on my own face from my mind. The truth is that nobody likes to see an anger face. Smiles keep my mind peaceful. More smiles — less anger and less anger –more smiles. Let the good cycle running. Otherwise, the bad cycle will come.

    Poor family has no time to change their moods since they have to work hard and support family.

  2. Facing something difficulty all the time without any time off isn’t good. The best thing is to find something of your own – goals & reaching them. They will take your mind off for recharge. Get it ready for the next round. Btw, everything bounds to have endless next round, always.

  3. Sorry my mood got passed. Too bad about the movie too. Owen Wilson is still funny – at times. I recommend Zoolander or Wedding Crashers. Zoolander was banned in Malaysia, so it must be popular in Singapore. You should see the movie to understand why. 🙂

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