Halloween – here we come!

Halloween begins in our house with baking.

I tried to find orange sprinkles to make my sugar cookies into sparkly orange pumpkins – but it wasn’t at the local market – so orange glazed with rainbow sprinkles will have to do.


Oh, also, our 4.5 year old computer which we use as a TV/DVD and internet portal for the kids seemed to have reached the end of its rope today. I couldn’t get it to boot up, no matter how much I tried. Vince was OK with it, but Edda, she looked at me with sad eyes and whined for her videos for most of the afternoon.

Jeremy’s eyes were all aglow with the possibility of purchasing both a new computer and gasp, maybe a TV and DVD player. But a few minutes of computer genius and dumb luck (unplug everything and then plug everything back in) and the old clunker sputtered back to life.

One thought on “Halloween – here we come!”

  1. That cracked me up about Jeremy. He should be a computer or a high tech call center for halloween. Those cookies look great. Now I want one.

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