4 thoughts on “This close….”

  1. All right Mr. Anonymous, you enabler you!

    Umm, I get upset for the same reason, haven’t you been noticing all my blurry pictures. Would you manual focus or is the AF much, much better?

    If you buy it, you have to post more pictures on the blog. I just have to get over the fact that the thing is HUGE!

  2. Wow. I guess I’ll have to buy it now. 😛 That’s a pretty strong statement.

    Oh yeah. It’s large. Sigh. That’s the big down side. and $$$. but i’d notice the diff betweent he d80.

    I’d probably MF it. I like spinning the rings. I just have to wrangle what lenses to get since the digitals and film focal lengths/coverages aren’t the same…. sigh…

    Jeremy, the prosumer cameras are pretty nice. I tend to recommend them to all my friends who want SLRs. I should probably get one myself. ha. or a Canon P&S.

    digital only lenses that would be useful:
    12-24 f4
    17-55 f2.8

    Film lenses that are cool.
    17-35 f2.8
    80-200 f2.8

    the latter half have apeture rings that I adore, but nikon is moving away from apeture rings.

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