La la la la!

Today is Hari Raya, the end of Ramadan, a public holiday in Singapore. So Donald, I suppose you are driving your car again after weeks of pedal power.

We went to a playdate today where we met an eye surgeon! Woo hoo, we peppered him with questions about Lasik – Jeremy’s still thinking about getting it done. But both Mr. EyeSurgeon and Mrs. EyeSurgeon wore spectacles (aka glasses for the non-British / non-Singaporean). Hmmm, might that be a clue? Mr. EyeSurgeon (a 38 yo man) said he didn’t get Lasik because he felt he would need reading glasses soon anyway and since all his work involves close work it wouldn’t help him avoid glasses.

Dakshi also came over for a delicious fajita dinner.

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  1. What is Lasik? Is it kind of operation to correct the focus of the eyes? If glasses are working, I prefer glasses although I dislike glasses.

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