Weekend Update…

Craziness this weekend.

Dave and Xiaoli flew in from Toronto and we all had a whirlwind of activites. Of course, this mostly revolved around eating and hanging out with married folks. Ha. Speaking of weight, I gained like 4 lbs this weekend simply cause of the food. I had been doing pretty good cutting back food before that. Sigh.

They came Thursday night, and we stayed up till midnight. Friday we stayed up until 1. Saturday was the killer as everyone stayed up till 6. I was a little beat on Saturday cause I had to bike home Friday night, got like 5 hours of sleep, biked to the shop, biked home, and then biked back the Shwe and Xin’s place. So I probably put in 80 miles roughly on Saturday alone, topping that off with low sleep. I woke up Sunday and just knew I was in a grumpy, anti social mood. Basically it lasted the whole day. I just really needed some chill out time alone, but I couldn’t quite ditch everyone, so yeah. It was bad. Everyone noticed, but whatever.

I’m working from home today. Thank god.

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