Our Indonesian adventure.

There are no photos of beaches or swimming pools. There are no photos of sand or sunscreen. Within an hour of us arriving at Bintan, a mishap occurred. Vince, while jumping down steps, managed to unbalance Mom who was holding onto his little hand and Mom tumbled to the ground.

The rest of the time at the resort, Mom hobbled around and we managed to snag the use of a wheelchair for the whole time that we were there. I was hoping that it was only sprained, but after 2 days of no decrease of pain, we decided to get the appendage X-rayed in Singapore. Everything is fine. Perhaps just a minor crack of the heelbone. Just a compression bandage and some Tylenol and Motrin and some crutches.


We did have a good time. Mom and I squeezed in a facial at the spa and some good swimming sessions. Jeremy recovered from hives. Vince took some time getting used to spending time in the Mini Club Med, but once he started he loved it. Edda had a nice time at the pool and the beach, but she still loves her air conditioning and if kept out too long in the tropical weather, she started to wilt.


The three girls


Mom is off in Hong Kong, not missing a step in her Asia tour!

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