Sari time

Our aircons are officially kaput – nothing wrong with the house circuitry, the aircons are shorted, nothing to do about it now (friday night – 10 pm). Sigh, so we are heading into this 4 day weekend without aircon in our main room. I hope the ones in the bedroom can keep on truckin’.

The 4 day weekend is to celebrate Deepavali and Hari Raya.

Our babysitter Gowri and her daughter Vino took me down to Little India today to buy a sari for me! I also got outfits for the rest of the family. Tomorrow we are going to their house to eat and eat. Here they are buying some sweets. Little India was crowded and bustling with holiday cheer – the sari shop had mountains of beautiful fabrics strewn and the food markets were crammed.


Rukia, who is Muslim, gave us these traditional Malay cookies that she made herself. Yummy!


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