Wheelchairs & Crutches

It is my first time to use wheelchairs and crutches. It is quite an experience. First, with a hurting foot is much worse than with a hurting hand. Of course, hurting of anything is no good. Last time, with a broken wrist, I could still go around and cooked some food with one hand. This time, I can not go anywhere. But, accidents do happen. I never realized that the feet are so important to everyone. They provide strength and freedom. With pain in my foot, doing small things such as changes clothes is a big challenge. Normally, I can change my clothes with no time and at any position. Right now, I have to sit on a chair or bed to do it. On the good side, I am getting many helps and enjoying the immobility of laziness which forces me to sit down most of the time.

However, I had many perks too. When I was in Indonesia, Doris and Jeremy wheeled me around, even to get my food. With an injured foot, I still could go to pool and swam a few laps with kids and had great time. When I went to any airport, the wheelchair services were very good everywhere. My plane was delayed in Tokyo, the ticket clerk immediately helped me to re-route to SF, St Paul and to Charlotte, instead of Detroit to Columbia, SC. She also helped me to send an e-mail to Noel. My seat assignments were also very good. My seats were just behind the business class with larger leg room in most cases. When we came back to Atlanta from LA last weekend, plane was off schedule for more than 5 hrs. That meant, I will arrive home around 5:00 AM in the morning. But, I was able to get an earlier flight home because the crutches. So, it was not all that bad with an injured foot. In Hong Kong, big brother and sister treated me so well. They even booked a special licensed van to pick us up in front of their house and straight to Shenzhen, China without changing driver and not through the regular customs. We directly passed through a special window with no lines. At their home, one of their maids knows how to massage my foot. She used ginger to massage the foot for two hours everyday. After two days, my bruises were gone. She was very happy. I was happy too. I was very lucky this time, I did not break any bones. Looking back, I did made some mistakes. The major one was I did not wear any socks and shoes. I learned a hard lesson this time. Socks and shoes are good for protecting our feet. Nothing could happen if I had my socks and Reebok on.

In addition to use wheelchair and crutches first time in this trip, I also experienced my first facial massage together with Doris at Baton Resort in Indonesia. It was quite an experience and they deep cleaned you face, especially the nose. It was also a very enjoyable to have my feet massage first time in Shenzhen with Big Sister too.

I enjoyed being with Vince, Edda, Doris and Jeremy. Especially seeing Edda’s mobility is improving every day.

Now I am almost back on my own feet and understanding more about the wheelchairs and crutches.

3 thoughts on “Wheelchairs & Crutches”

  1. Mom is a funny girl. During the day time, she is brave and im-patient of waiting for me to get her two crutches. In other words, she wants to walk with no crutches at all and all by herself. Or, with one crutch. Then, during the night time, she complaints pains and aches not only on the injured food but als on other good parts of her body.

    Well, she is funny and hope she will get better 🙂

  2. I am not a girl any more and I have all the patients too. I had a cramp in my left leg two nights ago and woke up Daddy to straight my leg out.

    I will be on my own soon.

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