Back to Aiken After Thanksgiving Holiday

We are back to SC today. Traffic was normal and did not have any major traffic jams south bound. We left at 8:30 am and arrived at our apartment at 5:30 pm.

I am officially qualified for madicare now. Another 8 months I will have my full Social Security payment. How about it?

I have not seen blog for a week. It is very slow at Sheets Farm using unpaid, unsecured broadcasting. The free connection was so slow, we have to subscribe a fast connection if we are staying home more often.

The China Job is 90%. They have not given me an official offer yet. But, I should have it soon. It will be my last job, I think. After that, I will run my MiniSystems Inc., if I still have energe left.

3 thoughts on “Back to Aiken After Thanksgiving Holiday”

  1. Guess what, Mom lost one of her earings that I gave to her as her birthday gift while took a shower in the swimming pool. It was pretty late Friday night. The next morning, we went to the swimming very early and that earlings was found by a lady. It was damaged – one pearl was completely gone, no locking part for the pin either. Amazingly, without receipt, Mom managed to get her money back at Macy’s. I guessed her argument was that the shower should not rip off the earlings. May be she had a good point. But, anyway, she got my money back 🙂

    BTW, we had a wonderful time with the daughter of her clasmate. We had Malaysian food with one of her friends around Du Pond Circle, Washington DC.

  2. We had shrimps, curly chicken, water grass, noodles, BBQ beef and chicken on stick with peanut butter source. And kind of pancake for deserts. It was a nice place to eat.

    Pictures will be posted after Daddy finishes his TV

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