Small World.

Yup. It is a small world. I’ve been talking to someone on Her name is Annie and she’s 29, has some dogs, lives in San Bruno, Christian. Frank mentions that he knows an Annie from church. I ask if she has dogs – yes. I ask where she lives – San Bruno. I ask how old she is – 29. check check check. I double checked with match-Annie, just to be sure that it’s her, and of course it is.

Today we all met up at a Korean BBQ place for lunch. Frank and another friend of Annie’s was there – Kevin. We all ate a ton of Kolbi, and talked quite a bit about dating. Apparently, I look just like the photos in my match profile (thank goodness) and I seem pretty laid back. The crazy thing I found out about Annie, was in the past 6 months, she has gone on 60 dates! 60! Holy Jesus. That’s 3 dates a week average! I don’t think I got to ask all the questions I wanted to about that, but apparently. 1) it wasn’t worth it. 2) dates 1-51 were bad. 3) It’s easy to confuse people when you have that much traffic. But it’s impressive.

Oh and nothing’s happening. I think Annie mistakenly thought I was Christian, so we’re just going to be friends.

We talked a little bit about other people’s situations, and well, you know who you are, but do something!

5 thoughts on “Small World.”

  1. OMG! What is a girl doing going on 60 dates? Did she not meet anyone interesting at all? Whenever I hung out with people at school, it was never with more than 10 guys in a group and I almost always found at least one who I would be kind of interested in…

  2. Yeah. I’m sorta surprised that she didn’t find anyone. Tho #59 was Kevin, the guy that was sitting with us. He seemed like a funny guy to me and they seemed to have good chemistry. Maybe it’s on his end? Dunno.

    52-60 were more normal apparently.

  3. Heh. Just a head’s up, Don, but using the phrase “Holy Jesus” in the context of going out on 60 dates is definitely going to take you out of the pool of candidates for Christian girls 🙂

  4. From Rena: She is a professional dating girl! just forget about her.

    Why write an e-mail to my classmate’s daughter we just had lunch last Friday.

    (Hi Rena, I took the name and email address out of the blog since otherwise she may get of unwanted spam email. Just send Donald the info in a separare email. Regards, Jeremy)

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