The Girl at Lunch

Sure I check out girls while I walk around, but this girl somehow stuck in my memory.

Yesterday, I went ot California St to grab some lunch. I parallel parked into a tight ass spot, and as I got out of the car, I saw this girl walking down the street, in the middle of my street, going to my right.

She was Asian, maybe 5’4″, with straight shoulder length hair. Her right hand was in the pocket of her black wool mid-thigh length trenchcoat and her left was swinging a black purse of some kind. She must have been wearing something super short under the trenchcoat, cause she was all leg from the hem of the coat down to her shoes – which I’ve found out, through some of my fashion consultants (thanks Karen and Anna) are offically know as slides or mules to the fashion world. They were black of course, to match, and I remember about a 1 to 1.5 inch heel that had a nice curve to it.

Normally a cute girl walking buy, is just a cute girl walking by, but the reason she stuck out at me, was the while she was purposefully striding down the road, she turned her head back to check me out! Laff, when she turned her head, she turned in over her shoulder, and tilted her head back just slightly, never breaking stride, or never unsure of what direction she was going. And she walked there, with her head turned, looking at me for a good 2 seconds.

It was picturesque.

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  1. Dui Mian De Nu Hai Kan Guo Lai…
    I can’t believe Choon remembers the full moon girl. Did even know don at the time choon?

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