Saturdays are hard.

Sometimes weekends are difficult for us. We don’t have a plan and our plan-less-ness leads to grumpiness. (Except for Edda, today she was as happy as a bird with a bowlful of worms.)


3 thoughts on “Saturdays are hard.”

  1. An aimless Saturday certainly CAN lead to grumpiness. Partly because you feel some pressure to be fully enjoying yourself. Only thing worse is a totally booked and pressure filled Saturday!

  2. Well, to me, life itself is pretty routine, but with spikes up and down.

    Spikes, most of them, I believe, are predictable, depending on your general directions, its execution and one’s perseverance. For example, car accidents are mostly due to one’s drive habits in spite of probability of accidents is almost the same for everyone.

    Very few of the spikes, however, are uncontrollable. Since them are not controllable. One should not dwell too much on its happening, when and where. Just be prudent to have an emergency plan is good enough.

  3. I love Saturday all the time. Unlike Sunday, I don’t have to be ready for work the next day. I do not have to set alarm clock on Friday night. Extra half hour or 15 minutes sleep is priceless. Most of the time I wake up much earlier even I do not have to on Saturday.

    Only good thing for retirement life is that I do not need alarm clock, in my view.

    When both you and Donald were at home, normally on Saturday, I did some grocery shopping, did laundry, made some dumplings or cleaned up the house – things like that and let my brain rest while working my body instead. Right now, I make myself a pot of tea first in the morning on Saturday and drink it while looking at my computer screen.

    To me, there is no particular plan for Saturday. A week before, we drove back to Maryland, my friends were playing Mahjong with me all day Saturday.

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