I can Top Rope!

Okay. So Sunday I was feeling down. We (Arif, Tahera and I) went to the gym on sunday, where I couldn’t climb anything. A little background – Climbs are rated on a 5 scale. 5.5/5.6 being really easy slightly sloped inward walls with large holds. The scale goes up to I think about 5.15. Tho really, it starts to get pretty hard in the 5.10 range – That’s where you need some technique. I can climb 5.9s sometimes tho those are hard for me. Sunday, I got about 1/3rd the way up a 5.8 and I was shot. Mentally I was out of it. Nasreen had to console me with a story that she told her 2nd graders – the story of Franklin the Turtle who never gave up trying to ride a bicycle until he got it. But it wasn’t much help. I was frustrated. My arms were shot. My confidence was low.

Today, tho, I was feeling much better. We had our lesson, and I felt like I had some staying power. I managed to fly up some 5.8s today without much effort. It’s actually amazing how much better you feel when you just keep moving up the wall without pausing so much. Also, I managed to scale up a 5.9 that was supposed to be our “homework”. I did take a break in there twice, but I think I got the gist of the movements that we were trying to accomplish. So that felt nice. I also felt like my bouldering skills helped me a bit to think about what moves to make, and how to position my body better. Anyways, I’m feeling better about top roping. My confidence is high(er).

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