Low grade fever

Edda’s a bit sick today – so we hung out at home in our pajamas. Nothing too serious, just a bit of fever.


In response to Donald’s recent interaction with a machine that does things for you, look what I found next to the ATMs near our house.


A print-your-own-photos kiosk by Sony. You can even pay using your subway fare card. How cool is that? I’ll give you the lowdown once I try it out.

Our Cheerio stash is seriously getting out of hand. The island was completely out of Cheerios for about 5 months this year and it’s one of Edda’s major food groups. So now we have reserves just in case shortages are reported on the BBC. We will be ready.




Common name: Lobster Claw
Scientific name: Heliconia rostrata

Location: Our apartment complex!

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