Okay. Like something is seriously wrong with my left leg. I can barely lift the damn thing past 20 degrees. I think I strained a the tendon that connects my hip to my femur, and by God, it doesn’t make climbing any easier.

Went to the gym for class tonight. I was on a V2 and I totally would have gotten it except for a stupid move that required me to lift my left foot, frog style, to a hold a little off my left hip. Aw. But I couldn’t do it! Grumble.

Looks like I’ll just have to take it easy on that side… sigh.

Oh, and to top it off… I forgot a t-shirt tonight, and I had to climb in a nice Calvin Klein short sleeve button down. Grrr!

3 thoughts on “Ouch.”

  1. hahahha. While I know Pei-Sun is quite skilled, I don’t think it’s a chiropractic issue. I just strained it playing football last week, and i think it’ll heal if i give it a little bit of time…

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