West coast park field trip.

Vince and I were invited on a field trip today. Edda and her school went to West Coast Park to have fun and games! NJC of Singapore was having a CIP, so a lot of young people were around organizing games and entertainment for the kids.

We were sweltering in the heat and I forgot to pack sunscreen & water. Sigh.


Now Edda has really figured out that when she taps something, she is asking for whatever she is tapping and I usually get it for her. So today, I was at the Quick-E-Mart at the gas station and Edda kept tapping on a bottle of Coke. I looked at her and then I said, No Coke, Edda – sorry kiddo. So then she looked at me and walked straight to the stack of beer and started tapping a six-pack of Tiger. I looked at her wearily and said, No Beer, Edda – sorry kiddo.



Common name: Traveler’s Palm
Scientific name: Ravenala madagascariensis

Location: Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall.

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  1. Vince was harder to handle in this case. He was tapping on the vending machine, and uncle Donald said, “no. no.” But Vince insisted! Not easy being parents, I guess.

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