Vince at Edda’s school.

Today Vince freaked out about going back to New York. He said that it is so much fun in Singapore that he never wants to leave. I think he’s a little wary about change. It’s all anticipatory, he doesn’t like it when thing are about to change, but once they are changing, it’s OK.

Vince participated in Edda’s class today. They were a little short staffed and I had to leave school to go to my piano lesson – I felt a bit bad leaving him there, but I left and came back as soon as I could. One of my great pleasures is to see Vince make friends with Edda’s classmates, it’s nice to see. Another great pleasure is to see Vince make a huge mess with paint somewhere other than my own house because I hate paint!




Common name: Powderpuff plant
Scientific name: Calliandra emarginata

Location: Choa Chu Kang Park

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