Happy vacation!

We are on va-ca-tion! We are on va-ca-tion! OK, at least Jeremy and Vince are on vacation. I’m always on vacation – eating bon bons and watching Korean soap operas on TV (just kidding!) and Edda has 1 more week of school.

T., a mother of one of Edda’s classmates, held a Christmas party at her house. It was a blast. We stayed for 6 hours. There was:





Tire Swinging


There was also swimming, BBQ, fruit salad, wine (red, white and champagne), dogs, 1 cat. Our fish moved into their outdoor fish pond – increased his living space at least 15-fold, but has to put up with a few new roommates.

Vince met a nice little girl at the party. When he finds someone he really likes, he doesn’t want them to become unreachable. He asked me to get her phone number and when I hemmed and hawed, he just went right up to her and asked for it. We promised a future playdate together.




Common name: Red Ginger
Scientific name: Alpinia purpurata

Location: Orchard Road

2 thoughts on “Happy vacation!”

  1. Vince will have no trouble with women! Hey I’m always on vacation too and I watch the Mexican Novella’s. Do the Korean ones continue the storyline like American ones or do they end after a few weeks like the Mexican ones? I like being on vacation but bon bons are not a part of my diet. Can’t wait to see you guys. CAN’T WAIT.

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