Weekend Update Con’t


I went out on a Hike with Rich, Chi and one of Rich’s friend’s, whom I don’t remember her name and her, niece? Valerie. We all went off to Arastradero Park in Palo Alto where it was a georgeous day and always a good view. I found out that Valerie had apparently run a 5k on Thanksgiving, and with no practice she ran it in 30 minutes – which is probably faster than I could run that in right now. She placed second, tho she said she hated running.

For dinner, Ronnie and I went up to Oakland to visit Lindsay. We went to her pad, which I’ve never seen before, and ate at some mexican place with really good chips and salsa. We went back to place to play another cool ass video game – Super Monkey Ball 2 on the Gamecube.

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