Freaking Ted Out.

Yes. I’m a girl. I was reading a article about some guy proposing to his wife. There’s an interesting link to another article about man-made diamonds. Lo and behold, there’s a link at the bottom where you can actaully buy synthetic diamonds. The coolest thing probably is that the diamonds are fairly cheap considering that they are colored. Pink. Yellow. Blue. Really rare diamond types. Now the next question tho, do they really look better than white diamonds? Hrm. Now when they can make a red fluorescing diamond, you’ll have my attention.

7 thoughts on “Freaking Ted Out.”

  1. I can comment on my own entry right?

    Incidentally, if people are ever in Washington DC, they simplyt must check out the diamond collection at the Smithsonian. It wasn’t the Hope Diamond, but there was this red phosphoring diamond there that was insane. Absolutely glowing. Of course, it’s probably like totally priceless, but whatever. 🙂

  2. Oh hahaha. I wish I could merge my blogger and beta blogger users. sigh. So I’m loosing track of who’s who, so Old Donald == blogger. Beta Donald == beta blogger

  3. I’m sorry, I really, really want to move to beta, but you can’t yet for really large blogs / team blogs of which we are both (more than 2000 entries! woot!) Google is working on it…

  4. You will have our engagement ring -the Lee’s family diamond- for your engagement. Mom will tell you its history later.

    Daddy said, in addition to that [since it is a low quality diamond though the best one that we could afford at that time] you will going to have a diamond of you and your fiancé’s choice when you are getting engaged and married.

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