Good day Thursday!

We slept fitfully last night. Edda and I are both sick. I can’t decide if mine are really allergies or not, but Edda has a fever – highest it was last night was 38.5. No school for Edda today.

5 thoughts on “Good day Thursday!”

  1. So sorry. Hope everyone is well in time for the flight and the performance. Vince is on my lap after a 4 hour nap staring at 4:45. I wonder what kind of night we have in store. The reason we do fevers in Celsius is that our thermometer is Celsius. But it is a much better system. 37 is OK, 38 is definitely a fever, 39 is a high fever and 40 is get in the tub or head for the hospital. It is going to be hard adjusting to the US health care system when we return.

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