Who I am looking for…

Okay Choon. Here it is since you asked for.

Who am I looking for?

I think first off, she has to grab my attention somehow. I tend to place people I meet into a context – basically I try to figure out what kind of people they are and put them into a predefined box. To get my attention, she has to do something that tells me that she’s either aware of her box or that she’s trying to step outside that box. It’s as easy as sitting down in a coffee shop and really listening to someone or turning her head to check me out or going out on 60 dates in 4 months. Something to grab me and say, “Hey this girl isn’t a regular X. She listens or she’s bold or she’s committed.” It shows a certain amount of free thinking and awareness. To me, it’s a sign of why she could be special – how she separates herself from the crowd. I suppose it’s that “Wow” moment.

Of course, it probably a bit hard to tell what that thing is going to be. At least it’s hard for you guys trying to set me up. Ha! It has to be there tho, or she’s just a regular girl.

Hrm. What can be more helpful? Confidence is sexy. Having some sass would be good too. A solid group of really good friends. Somewhat Social. A good hostess. Fiscally responsible. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha. I don’t really care about the biking, or whatever. It’s all really just fluft in way. That stuff is generally negotiable.

And Marrieds, if you want to set me up, please please don’t fall into the trap of setting me up with someone just cause we’re both single. There’s got to be a real reason that you’re hooking us up. Generally I think a good rule of thumb is, if you don’t think she’s super cool/special/datable, chances are that I won’t either. Quality baby. Quality. ๐Ÿ˜›

Helpful? Questions?

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  1. I think Jennifer is a super special girl. Her father was my classmate and her mother was my next door roommate. Lee Pei knows her very well. Jennifer graduated from Warden Business School and now is a student at Johns Hopkins major in International Studies. She mentioned she likes go to Karaoke. You have to write her to find out more.

  2. The other day, I discussed a technical problem with one of my colleagues. He disagreed with me about my suggested approach to solve the problem. We were deadlock.

    Later, Mom and another colleague joined the discussion. After several minutes of discussion, Mom and other two colleagues thought my approach was not so good. So, I was out-voted and dropped my suggestion completely.

    Just after that, the colleague originated the discussion with me wondered why Mom was not on the page as mine. I laughed and told him that Mom kind of disagreed with me most of time. Then he said if he were married, his wife is going to be on the same page as his.

    During the dinner of that day, Mom told me that no wonder this guy is still single. Because there is either no such wife exists or it is difficult to find.

    I couldn’t agree with her more ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You will have our engagement ring -the Lee’s family diamond- for your engagement. Mom will tell you its history later.

    Daddy said, in addition to that [since it is a low quality diamond though the best one that we could afford at that time] you will going to have a diamond of you and your fiancรฉโ€™s choice when you are getting engaged and married.

    This comment is also in “Freaking … Out”

  4. How about I hook you up with Jack’s sister Betty, since her father went to the same college and class with BOTH your mom and dad. Chuckle..Choon and Lynn LOL.

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