Ack. I can’t breath.

Last night was torture. I’m hacking my lungs out, Edda can’t sleep because she’s running a high fever. I walk around like a zombie, sponging her down. Keeping her cool. Thankfully, we both sleep well from 12-6am.

Rukia, our housekeeper, walks into our apartment and takes one look at me and tells me I should see a doctor for myself. By this time, I can’t really breath lying down and I wheez terribly sitting up.

So I haul ourselves to the doctor at the mall (!) and get the whole nebulizer treatment. (Edda is laughing the whole time because she knows it’s not her going to the doctor. Thanks for the sympathy, girl.)

I'm so sick.  Please help me breath!

Thank God it works, I feel much better.

Needless to say, we missed Edda’s last day of school dance extravaganza. I am praying we make it out of here on Sunday.

Oh yes, I also dropped Ruby off at the dogsitter’s today. She ran up to him, happy to be with him. It’s weird cleaning food up in the house without the vacuum dog.

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