All over the world.

It’s incredible how far flung our immediate family members are right now! Here’s the breakdown:

Jeremy’s parents, Bob & Katherine – Eastern Europe
Jeremy’s sister, Louisa – Washington, DC
Jeremy’s brother, Ben – La Paz, Bolivia
Jeremy’s sister, Emily – NYC, USA
my dad, Noel – South Carolina, USA
my mom, Rena – Guangzhou, China
my brother, Donald – San Jose, CA, USA
us – Singapore

So we’ve got: North America (both coasts and the south), South America, Europe and Asia. We are on the move!


I’m behind on my plant IDs.

Scientific name: Tillandsia recurvata
Common name: Ball moss

Location: Austin, TX

4 thoughts on “All over the world.”

  1. yes, we are allover the places. I am going to move into a two bedrooms apartment tomorrow.
    after settle down, I should have more time to write for our blog

  2. Rena, you were ahead of me. I just would like everyone know that you are going to move into your new apartment. Well, life can settle down a bit.

    Our apartment at Aiken, SC has a price hike about $20 a month. I guess everyone needs $$$ 🙂

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