Knitting progress and pooping progress.

So I’m still working on this (a gift from a secret pal):


I’m finally at the frilly border so maybe I’ll be done in a few months or so.


We had occupational therapy today. Vince and I sit in the waiting room for the first 30 minutes and he plays blocks and I play – “I wonder what sort of ailment all the kids in the waiting room have, ADD? Dyslexia? Cerebral Palsy? Anxiety issues? Hmmmm…” So many things to wonder about. I know the other moms are wondering the same about Edda who of the 3pm Friday afternoon group has the most visibly apparent issues.


Nice session with Yaiu Chi. Some hand over hand work. I wonder if Edda will be able to regain some hand use. It’s pretty far gone now, but I’m still hoping!


Oh, yes the pooping progress. Edda pooped in her potty today. Pretty cool.



Scientific name: Ilex vomitoria
Common name: Yaupon holly
Location: Austin, TX

3 thoughts on “Knitting progress and pooping progress.”

  1. Way to go Edda!!! So glad you guys are having success! Our progress has stalled some as we dealt with a seizure increase due to weight gain..Hope to be back on board soon! Congrats!!

  2. Yeah Doris and Edda! Pooing in the potty is such an accomplishment. I think I could make a car payment with all the money I saved after not having to buy diapers and paying for a diaper service.

    Love the shawl. You are amazing Doris. You are one of the most talented people I have ever met.

  3. Rebecca – Oh no! I hope that it’s just a dosing issue and that a minor adjustment of medication is all that you needed…

    Sheila – Ha ha! I hope and pray that we won’t have to use diapers forever. We will see… You are amazing too 🙂

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