Last day in the US.

I spent the last day in NY driving to Milan to the Morehouse Farm yarn shop. It’s about 15 minutes from my in-law’s house. I’ve passed it driving to the Taconic but I’ve never been inside. I have to say that purchasing yarn is the least interesting thing about knitting for me – I usually do it online and I don’t do it very often because I’m such a slow knitter. But this yarn shop is amazing! I could have browsed all morning. (What is with the weird expression on my face? Hmm..)


In the afternoon, the whole family celebrated the 60 degree weather by going to Poet’s walk.


I really wanted to find a geocache that I couldn’t find previously when I went alone with Edda, so we made it all the way to Summer House.


Edda walked most of the 2 mile walk with an adult holding on to each hand. We weren’t expecting her to last the whole way, but she did!

Now we are back home in Singapore! The flight did involve some puking, low-grade fevers and a bad night of sleep, but nothing we couldn’t handle…

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