Mom Heading for Boston .., Quangzhou.

This late morning, I drove Mom to Augusta, GA airport. It rained heavily and plane was delayed. But, she was heading for Boston for sure.

To increase my mobility, I would like to downsize our stuff in the apartment just to fit into one car. Therefore, this coming weekend, I will take things for storage in our apartment back to Washington DC. Hopefully, they will all fit. The bunk bed is the largest one and the dining table is the second. Mom said the dinning table makes a good table for Mahjon.

I am planning to fly back to Portland, as a monthly trip home, at the end of January.

4 thoughts on “Mom Heading for Boston .., Quangzhou.”

  1. I know! Dad stole my secret plan!! I’ve always wanted to be able to fit everything I own in my car. But now that I have a husband, two kids, a dog, there isn’t much room for much else.

  2. I know both Doris and Donald are going to laugh at me – I miss Mom 🙁

    The weather was really bad. Mom just called a minute ago at the Logan International Airport in Boston. She just arrived. Will take a cab to her hotel about 30 miles away. Good thing is that hotel just across her office for training.

    I didn’t know this is Doris’ secret plan. Well, I can do it right now. I cooked everything in a pot for a long time. My carry on stuff is not much at all. Me, I am a modern Gypsie.

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