Did you see that I put photos on the side of our blog? Pretty cool, huh? I’m a bit frustrated because the randomness of the javascript isn’t really random – so there you don’t see any photos of Edda – mainly just photos of Vince when he was less than 1 year old. I’m hoping that Flickr fixes this little bug, (I did leave a nice note for them) and then you’ll be able to see more of the 5500 (!) photos I have uploaded to my account.

2 thoughts on “Pictures!”

  1. I’m SOOO glad you told us this info. I came across the one picture of you in a hospital gown and thought “whoa what is going on”. Sorry all of you have been sick. I really mean that too. I got sick the Weds. after Xmas and am still sorta puny. It is taking forever to get well. I’m sick of being sick. So are Josh and Scott. Tell Vince to hang in there with all the jet lagged cranky people in the house. Read the book SEALEGS to Vincent. It is laugh-outloud, milk out your nose funny.

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